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REVIEW: Call It What You Want By Brigid Kemmerer

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Can we all appreciate how beautiful this cover is?!

I've been in a bit of a reading slump recently, feeling a little unmotivated to find time, HOWEVER, this book was exactly what I needed to get out of it! Ever since reading 'Letters To The Lost' last summer, I fell in love with Kemmerer's writing style. She writes amazing, character-driven stuff that led me straight to this book.

I'll quickly sum up the plot line for you. 'Call It What You Want' follows the blossoming friendship between Rob and Maegan when they are partnered up together for a school project. They've both had a tough year so far: Rob's father was caught embezzling money, and Maegan got caught cheating on a SAT and now her sister is pregnant. The story is one of hate to love, one of friendship, family, and morality - everything you could want!

I instantly connected with both characters, seeing both their flaws and loveable quirks, and wanted them to succeed (and, most of all, be together). I always love stories that are written from two perspectives as it allows both characters to create a rapport with the reader, rather than being a one-sided tale. The storyline was simple and realistic, which I loved. There wasn't a single part of the storyline which wasn't believable (and reading the acknowledgements, she did her research on things like the FBI to keep it all true to real life). One part that made the writing so readable was the fact that I could see the story unfold. I could imagine it scene-by-scene, and it is pretty much perfect for a Netflix adaptation (please keep Noah Centineo away from playing Rob, though...)

One aspect of the writing that inspired me was the pacing. The novel moved very quickly, yet I hardly noticed as I was reading along. There was a part when Kemmerer managed to condense a long, tense car journey into just two pages, which I found amazing as I tend to babble on for way too long and struggle to cut to the chase. Teach me your ways, please!

This book was exactly what I needed and is perfect for a beach read, a long journey, or a lazy Sunday afternoon. The one aspect that didn't make it 'perfect' for me was that it isn't majorly emotional and I didn't need to crack the Kleenex out (I love a good cry), but that's what makes it so realistic - it wasn't overly dramatic. The only question I was left with was: did they ever finish that damn maths project?

I actually didn't note that many favourite quotes because I had entire scenes that I loved, so here's a few that I can remember:

  • The entire scene where Connor and Rob made the bed together. The tension was incredible and I loved the juxtaposition between the animosity and the kindness of helping someone make a bed.

  • 'My head is full of PG-13 fantasies, while my phone is full of texts that are no more illicit than what I'd send my father'. Maegan had so many great, witty lines and I think this sums her up perfectly.

  • The character of Samantha and everything she said. She is an icon. I need her as my friend, now.

Overall: I loved it, I need a Netflix show AND a sequel.

Love, Kate x

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